How do I care for my TeenyButton Studio yarn?

While most of my yarns are marked as superwash I always recommend handwashing all finished objects and laying them flat to dry. This ensures the longevity of the yarn and finished project. I also recommend pinning and spritzing finished objects involving two or more colorways instead of submerging in water to block.

Do you accept custom orders?

I accept custom orders when my schedule allows. Custom order requests must be for at least three skeins of the same colorway and must be for a colorway in our repertoire. We are not able to dye custom colorways at this time. We require a non-refundable 50% minimum deposit before dyeing begins on your custom order and the other 50% when it is ready to ship.

What do I do if my yarn bleeds?

Some light color bleeding during the first wash is not unusual for hand dyed yarn, especially for reds and more saturated colors. This is typically due to the pH difference between the water the yarn was dyed in and the water at your home. I recommend resetting the dye in your local water to minimize bleeding if you plan to use more than one colorway in the same project. To do this place your yarn in a baking pan, cover it completely with water, dissolve 2tbs of citric acid or 1 cup of vinegar in the water, and bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.  

Can you cake my skeins?

I don't offer an offical winding service but I will cake a skein or two if requested at check out. I reserve the right to charge a winding fee for more than two caked skeins. I include the original ball band with caked yarn outside of the cake rather than inside the middle. Please note that I cannot accept returns or offer refunds on skeins that have been caked up.

Can you save a skein for me from a future update?

Unfortunately I am no longer able to set skeins aside for private orders from upcoming updates. It's confusing having to track which skeins to hold back and which to list and it's unfair to those customers who wait patiently for the skeins to go up in the shop. If there is a skein you must have I definitely suggest you try to be at the shop right as the update goes live because some colorways go fast!

When will you have a certain colorway back in the shop?

If there's a colorway or mini skein set you have been waiting for please let me know! I want to dye the yarns that people want to see, and odds are if you have been waiting for it someone else has too!

Where can I find your yarns in person?

See the Stockists page to find out where to find TeenyButton Studio in your local yarn stores and see our home page to find out where we are vending next!

What is a Fleeting Fox colorway?

Fleeting Fox colorways are one-of-a-kind or otherwise limited-run dyelots. Often these are first drafts of new colorways, experimental dyelots, or the result of having some fun in the dyepots. Because we don't retain the formulas for these colorways we are unable to replicate them again.

What if I want to return my yarn?

I am so sorry if you are unhappy with your yarn! Due to the variable nature of hand dyed yarns I do not accept returns for discrepancies in color. The skeins featured in the listing is often not the actual skeins you will receive but rather a representative version of that colorway. As with all hand dyed yarn it is impossible to get every skein to match and there can be huge variations even within the same dyelot. If you want a refund for a different reason please get in contact with me and we'll see what we can do to remedy your situation. Please note that I cannot accept returns or offer refunds on skeins that have been caked up and/or knit with. We also do not offer refunds for Harry Potter Mystery Club skeins or custom orders.

My yarn has gone missing during shipping! What do I do?

If your yarn has been listed as shipped and is past the arrival date you have several options. I suggest you check the USPS tracking and see the last place it was scanned. If it says it was delivered, contact your local post office and see if it was mismarked. If it is still listed in-transit, give it about 4-6 more days. Typically most orders that are delayed show up in that time frame. If for some reason your yarn never shows up there isn't usually a lot I am able to do. Unfortunately, due to the volume of orders I receive, I am usually unable to offer replacement skeins for packages that go missing.

How can I get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with me is emailing at TeenyButtonStudio@gmail.com. Please do not contact me concerning order issues or wholesale inquiries via Instagram comments or direct messges because they are easily missed.