About Us

Hello! I'm Robyn and I am the owner and dyer here at TeenyButton Studio. All of our yarns are dyed by myself here in my home studio just outside New Orleans, Louisiana. 

A photo of a young woman in her mid-twenties with a crown of yarn

I learned to knit at the age of 8 but picked it up with a passion in high school. As my skill level grew and I tried my hand at more ambitious projects, I had trouble finding the kinds of yarns I wanted to knit with. I wanted bright colors, lots of speckles, and fun colorway names but the local stores were few and far between and I wanted to touch and see the yarns in person. So I decided to try my hand at dyeing my own! I started by dyeing a mini skein set inspired by Pokemon, something I'd never seen for sale anywhere, and immediately fell in love with the art of dyeing. As a college student, dyeing my own yarn made knitting more affordable and soon I had more hand-dyed yarn than I could ever knit, so TeenyButton Studio was born!

One of the best things about living near the Big Easy is the abundance of art, history, food, and culture everywhere you look. It provides the perfect inspiration for the kinds of bright, fun colorways I love to dye! In addition to our New Orleans-themed colorways you will find quite a few colorways and clubs inspired by my favorite movies, books, shows, and music. I love connecting to fellow fiber fans through our shared interests!

You may occasionally see my mom, Merry, at festivals and events. She is my best friend and as fiber-obsessed as myself! She is my booth helper, podcast partner, and mini skein winder, and is more than happy to work for yarn. We also have two little furry helpers, Purl and Presley, who are the Head of Shipping and Quality Control Manager respectively. They take a paws-on approach to their work and you can find snippets of their adventures on my Instagram page @TeenyButton!