Until the Very End

  • $28.00

Colorway - Until the Very End (Soft purple and cream with speckles of burgundy, emerald, blue, and grey for Lupin, Lily, Sirius, and James respectively)

This colorway is inspired by Harry Potter!

Lofty Lace
Lace Weight
72% Kid Mohair/28% Silk
459 Yards, 50 Grams

This yarn has been dyed using professional acid dyes and has been set during dyeing to reduce bleeding. Great care has been taken to ensure your yarn will not bleed, but it is recommended that you hand wash this yarn separately the first time after knitting to be cautious, especially for darker or more saturated red and blue shades.

Because this yarn is hand dyed in small batches, no two skeins will match perfectly. The pictured skein is representative of this colorway, but your actual skein may have more or fewer speckles or patches of a certain color. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

All yarn comes from a pet-friendly, smoke-free environment.

Please message me with any questions!